Text 20 Aug playing Fallout 3 for first time

I didn’t know I was suppose to get dressed for that opening GOAT test! barefoot and in my roos!

Text 19 Aug 1 note Final Fantasy 3 tip

If anybody is playing FF3 on pc ( 2014 release) for the first time like me. Here’s something I didn’t learn until the very end…

TIP: Leveling up JOB

if you want to increase your job levels .. Guard as much as you can. I was wondering how people got their jobs levels to lv99. .. DOH #facepalm .. then I looked it up .. violah.. Im jobbing up much quicker now and making the last run much easier. 

Hopefully if you are playing through for the first time and you read this , it can save yourself hours of leveling up your job.

Text 31 Jul Windows 8.1 usable Ram glich: last resort fix

If anybody is searching for fixes on the annoying ” 3.9gb usable Ram with 8gb installed ” problem like I was for days. I have 8GB Ram installed.. 2 differen’t brands 2x4GB .. only 3.9 was “usable”.. the rest was in “hardware reserve”..  I went through all the basic crap:

If you’ve done all the simple trouble shoots.. - Msconfig >boot>advanced>unclick max Ram settings

- resetting Ram and Cpu

- update bios

was told my ram might be faulty , mixing ram is the problem , unsupported ram , … yada yada yada

For me , I reinstalled windows and violah! .. 8GB Ram good to go.

I refused to accept my brand new hardware was damaged as some suggested caz my windows was working and no errors., Some say its not a software problem. So I gave up and actually accepted my #1stWorldProblem of only having 3.9GB of usable ram .. oddly enough , I eventually got that other stupid glich ” the auto repair loop” (which is another rant on it’s own).. which made me clean install WIn again. By chance I discovered re-installing fixed it for me.

Before you go buy new stuff , or exchange it.or if you did and it’s still not working. Last resort is re-install. Don’t know if a system restore will be the same.. mine was a clean , fresh re-install.

Text 31 Mar 14 notes The Walking Dead s4e16

That guy had a clear gap to run through! what a buffoon.

Text 10 Mar 3 notes TWD: Bob is incompetent

Look at this stretch of train track  , how the hell did Mags and Sash “sneak” up on Bob? How did Bob not notice 2 people following him for that long!? and they still had to call his name caz Bob is too useless to notice himself! Bob’s incompetence will be the death of somebody

Text 10 Mar 3 notes TheWalkingDead s4e13:

Text 24 Feb RIP Harold Ramis

why couldn’t you guys get Ghostbusters III going sooner!

what John Hughes was to 80s Teen movies.. Ramis was to 80s comedies

Harold Ramis movie night coming soon for me

Text 24 Feb 4 notes TWD: Michonne Levels Up!

new outfit = level up ( remember the classic Resident Evil.. half way point= new outfit!)

Text 17 Feb TWD S4010: book shelf books

So Im looking at what their reading at the prison…

"horse semen"

Text 10 Feb 4 notes TWD: S04E09 Carl’s message

I fixed Carl’s message

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