Text 31 Mar 14 notes The Walking Dead s4e16

That guy had a clear gap to run through! what a buffoon.

Text 10 Mar 3 notes TWD: Bob is incompetent

Look at this stretch of train track  , how the hell did Mags and Sash “sneak” up on Bob? How did Bob not notice 2 people following him for that long!? and they still had to call his name caz Bob is too useless to notice himself! Bob’s incompetence will be the death of somebody

Text 10 Mar 3 notes TheWalkingDead s4e13:

Text 24 Feb RIP Harold Ramis

why couldn’t you guys get Ghostbusters III going sooner!

what John Hughes was to 80s Teen movies.. Ramis was to 80s comedies

Harold Ramis movie night coming soon for me

Text 24 Feb 4 notes TWD: Michonne Levels Up!

new outfit = level up ( remember the classic Resident Evil.. half way point= new outfit!)

Text 17 Feb TWD S4010: book shelf books

So Im looking at what their reading at the prison…

"horse semen"

Text 10 Feb 4 notes TWD: S04E09 Carl’s message

I fixed Carl’s message

Text 2 Dec 4 notes TWD: Will Tara aka Ponytails join the group ?

Anybody else think Ponytails ( yea I know Tara is her name but when Rick called her Ponytails… its her new name) will find her way to the main group and join the cast for a short while at the least ?

Text 2 Dec 10 notes TWD: my new guess for the prison killer

IMO , its clear Carol was protecting one of the kids , she’s innocent.

its somebody just starting their serial killer career by torturing rats and exploring their  psychopathic side.  I think Carol walked in on this kid killing the two adults with a knife , so Carol indeed burned them , but to hide and cover up the murder …

So I think its this guy…

just my personal guess

Text 2 Dec 6 notes TWD: lets pay our respects to the unknown black guy

This brave guy who I’ve never seen before , fought gallantly and took a bullet for Mags

Cheers to you! pour our drinks to the curb for our fallen homie

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